2281 Reproductions of Artwork

Document purpose

To provide guidelines for reproduction of artwork.


April, 2023

Responsible Office





Requests to reproduce University artwork should be referred to the Office of the Curator. The University can grant a license to reproduce works in its collection only to the extent that the University owns intellectual property rights in the subject of the request. If copyright and related rights in a work or object are not owned by the University or ownership of copyright is unclear, an applicant/licensee will be responsible for determining if such rights are owned by another person or entity and obtaining any necessary permission for reproduction from such person or entity. Ownership will be confirmed by the Office of General Counsel and the Office of the Curator. Approval of artwork reproduction and photo-reproduction requests are dependent upon the approval of the Office of the Curator.

The Office of the Curator will process reproduction contracts. An application must be submitted to the Office of the Curator for permission to reproduce a three-dimensional work of art in University’s art collection. The reproduction contract includes reproduction terms, a University credit line (acknowledgement to appear on label or publication: “Courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania Art Collection, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.”), a reproduction fee schedule and usage fee for applicants. Associated fees will be distributed to the Office of the Curator. Fees for reproduction of large art objects will be determined by the Art Collection Advisory Committee on an ad hoc basis.

All artwork gifted to the University and any artwork acquired with University funds of at least $1,000 are considered part of the University’s Art Collection