2317 Payroll, Real Estate, Sales, Use and Occupancy, and Unrelated Business Income Taxes

Document purpose

To ensure the timely payment of University tax obligations.


December, 1986


May 2021


May 2021

Responsible Office





  1. Disbursements for taxes due federal, state or municipal authorities must be processed using a properly completed non-PO payment request through the Penn Marketplace  

  2. All forms for tax payments must be accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation as follows:  

    • PayrollPayroll Cash Disbursement Summary 
    • Sales, Use and OccupancyApproved Supporting Schedules
    • Real EstateMunicipal Tax Bills 
    • Unrelated Business IncomeApproved Supporting Schedules 
  3. The Office of the Treasurer and/or the Office of the Comptroller are responsible for ensuring the timely payment of taxes incurred or withheld by the University and payable to a government agency.  

  4. The Office of the Comptroller is responsible for maintaining an effective and efficient system for determining the accurate and complete amounts due for payroll, sales and use, amusement, and unrelated business income taxes.  The Office of the Comptroller ensures payments are made for real estate and for use and occupancy taxes, for which taxes other University Centers have filing responsibility.

  5. Taxes will be paid in accordance with the appropriate governmental regulations.