2319.3 Limited Engagement Policy

Document purpose

The purpose of this policy is to define Limited Engagement and outline the policy for paying of Limited Engagement fees.


January, 2017


January, 2024


April, 2024

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A Limited Engagement is a subset of Independent Contractors meeting the following criteria: 

  • The individual is a guest speaker, guest lecturer, artist, performer, writer/editor, board member, critic, preceptor, or mentor of an academic nature.  The individual is not University faculty, staff, or student
  • The engagement is limited to a short-term duration.
  • The service payment to the individual has a maximum dollar amount of $1,000 per transaction; $5,000 per calendar year. This is not to pay individuals on an hourly basis.


A Limited Engagement fee may only be paid to individuals who meet the criteria listed above. It cannot be paid to a student, an honoraria recipient, a human subject recipient, or any employee of the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania or any of its entities.

The Limited Engagement Agreement must be completed and signed by the individual providing services and submitted by the school or center to the Compliance Specialist by submitting a ticket through the BEN Helps Support Portal.  The Compliance Specialist will review and sign the Limited Engagement Agreement.  Once signed, the school or center completes and submits a Non-PO Payment Request Form via the Penn Marketplace.

Please see the Procedural Guide for Independent Contractors and Limited Engagements for detailed instructions. This includes instructions for processing limited engagements for nonresident aliens and limited engagement services performed outside of the United States.

The following forms are waived for qualifying Limited Engagements:

  • Service Provider Questionnaire
  • Service Provider Evaluation Worksheet
  • Independent Contractor Agreement/Contract