2321 Dues, Membership Fees and Subscriptions

Document purpose

To ensure that dues, membership fees and subscription costs incurred by the University serve the instruction, research and public service objectives of the University.


December, 1986


November, 2006


April, 2024

Responsible Office

Procurement Services


Procurement Services


  1. Dues, membership fees and subscriptions will be paid only in cases where the benefits derived are in accordance with the University’s mission of instruction, research and public service. The membership or subscription must support the individual’s job related responsibilities.

  2. Payment of membership fees for private clubs or organizations is prohibited unless approved in writing by the Vice President for Finance and appropriate Dean or center director.

  3. A Purchasing Card must be used for payment of dues, memberships and subscriptions whenever possible.

  4. Payment for subscriptions will be made directly to the publisher. Reimbursement to employees is allowable only when the personal subscription rate is lower than the institutional rate available to the University.