2326 Gifts Based on University/Employee Relationship

Document purpose

To provide for the prudent utilization of University resources.


November, 2006


April, 2021


April, 2024

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  1. University departments may make a payment, in the form of a gift, to an employee or an employee’s immediate family, based on the University/employee relationship, only for the following events:  

    1. Departure of a long-term employee;
    2. Retirement of an employee;
    3. Illness of an employee requiring hospitalization; or
    4. Death of an employee or an employee’s immediate family member.  
  2. The gifts cannot be cash, cash equivalents or gift cards.

  3. Payments in excess of $100.00 for these purposes are prohibited, except as provided for in policy statement 4, below.  

  4. Traditional gifts or University mementos given to long-term University employees upon their retirement are permitted with appropriate approval. 

  5. Payments must be approved by the appropriate dean, resource center director, vice president or vice provost.