2360 Travel and Entertainment

Telephone Usage

Document purpose

To provide guidelines with regard to telecommunication expenses incurred when traveling on behalf of the University.


April, 2015


April, 2015


May, 2023

Responsible Office

Procurement Services


Procurement Services


This policy applies to the telecommunication services by and for all employees, students and postdocs traveling and entertaining on behalf of the University and seeking reimbursement for related expenses from the University regardless of the funding source. 

Faculy, Staff, Student, PostDoc Responsibiity

It is the responsibility of Penn travelers to keep telecommunication costs at a minimum when traveling on behalf of the University. 

Full responsibilities of the employee, student or postdoc can be found in Policy #2352. 

Responsibility of Approvers

The designated approvers should assist the travelers and entertainers with understanding of applicable policies and compliance requirements as the process is outlined below. The approvers are responsible for the validation and completeness of all expense reimbursement requests and relevant expense reports prior to the submission via the Concur-TEM system to the University for processing. 

It is the responsibility of the approver to ensure that the University is only paying for services and/or calls that are authorized under this policy and the University’s cell phone policy. 

Full responsibilities of approvers can be found in Policy #2352. 


Travelers will be reimbursed for business calls made when traveling on behalf of the University. 

  1. Subject to School and Center guidelines, travelers may be reimbursed for reasonable and necessary business calls made on a cellular phone. Travelers are expected to keep cellular phone usage to a minimum. Monthly service fees are non-reimbursable unless pre-approved by your department or if you are using a cell phone owned by the University. 
  2. Additional information on cell phone policies can be found in Policy #2329.
  3. Before traveling internationally, travelers should check with their cell phone company to determine if they offer international service at a reasonable rate.