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Sponsored Projects

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April, 2015


April, 2015


May, 2024

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Procurement Services


Procurement Services


It is the responsibility of the traveler and the principal investigator to know the terms set forth in the award of a sponsored project with reference to allowable travel expenditures. 

Full responsibilities of the employee, student or postdoc can be found in Policy 2352. 

Responsibility of Approvers

Approvers perform a critical control function for the University.  Collectively, approvers ensure that expense reports processed for payment are complete, appropriately funded, compliant with policy, and are associated with activities that have a valid and necessary business purpose. Designated approvers should assist the employee or student as necessary with understanding applicable policies and compliance requirements. 

It is the responsibility of the approver to review the travel and reimbursement request to ensure the compliance of the guidelines for sponsored projects-related travels and the completion of expense report for Sponsored Research Projects via Concur-TEM system. 



Domestic and foreign travel charged to a sponsored project should follow the guidelines set forth in this policy unless the funding agency imposes greater restrictions. Federally funded sponsored projects are subject to the guidelines set forth in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A21, Section 48, Travel Costs. Please refer to OMB website for more details.

  1. All travel advance and or reimbursement requests for domestic and foreign travel on sponsored research projects must have sufficient justification in the Concur-TEM system and comply with the terms and conditions of the sponsored research awards. This includes compliance with the Fly America Act for foreign travel on federal awards. 
  2. Domestic travel includes travel within and among the fifty (50) United States and its territories and possessions, and Canada. 
  3. Domestic travel included in the approved budgets of federally sponsored projects is generally permissible if it supports the purpose of the project. 
  4. The federal government defines foreign travel as any travel outside the United States and its territories and possessions, and Canada. In the case of other sponsored research agreements, foreign travel may be specifically defined in the contractual documents. 
  5. Some foreign travel requires pre-approval by the sponsor. Since sponsors’ regulations vary, principal investigators should be familiar with those that are applicable to their projects.  
  6. When traveling on federally funded projects, travelers may request the hotel’s government rate. letter from the project sponsor may be required upon checkin to confirm funding source. 
  7. If traveling internationally on federal grants or contracts, a United States flag carrier must be used. For specific federal guidelines on this issue, click here on the Fly America Act for details. Prior approval from the Office of Research Services should be obtained if someone needs to deviate from this policy. 
  8. A principal investigator may be reimbursed for meals from federally sponsored project funds if he/she is in travel Consultants may be reimbursed directly for meals consumed in connection with the consulting services being provided to the sponsored project. 
  9. The cost of local meetings can be charged to sponsored projects; however, the cost of local meals will not be reimbursed from sponsored project funds for University employees unless specifically authorized by the sponsor. 
  10. Federal regulations (and where sponsors so dictate) prohibit the reimbursement of alcoholic beverages with federal funds under any circumstances.
  11. Any questions regarding travel or entertainment on federal grants or contracts should be directed to the Office of Research Services.