2406 Salaries and Wage Payments

Document purpose

To define the circumstances under which the Comptroller will make salary and wage payments and to identify the methods of payment available to University employees.


July 2019


May 2024

Responsible Office





  1. The Office of the Comptroller is responsible for ensuring that salary or wage payments made to an employee are in accordance with existing human resource policies as established by the Provost, for academic staff, and by the Office of Human Resources, for exempt and non-exempt staff. In addition, payments made to employees covered by collective bargaining agreements must be in accordance with the provisions of the applicable labor agreement.  

  2. Departments are responsible for seeing that salary and wage payments made to an employee are for work performed within the employee’s prescribed work responsibilities and are in compliance with University Human Resource policies. 

  3. For new employees, salary or wage payments will not be affected until the employee has been added to the Workday system and the I-9 process has been completed at the Onboarding Center.  

  4. The University will direct deposit salary or wage payments either to the employee’s personal bank account(s) or to the employee’s existing ADP pay card or a new ADP pay card account will be established if needed.