2417 On-Demand Issuance of Payroll Payments

Document purpose

To establish policy regarding payments to an employee who does not receive, through normal payroll processing, payment for time worked.


July, 2019


April, 2020

Responsible Office





  1. The processing of an on-demand payment is for emergency purposes only and should only be submitted if the employee receives less than 75% of their regular pay. 

  2. Departments are required to submit the Pay Adjustment Form to request an on-demand payment.  All payment requests should be submitted to HCM Solution Center, which will forward the request to the Payroll Department for processing. Once the fully completed Pay Adjustment Form is received in the Payroll Department, the Payroll staff will review to ensure that the request meets the requirement for the on-demand payment request If the request doesn’t meet the standards, the payment will be process in the next scheduled payroll. 

  3. Once approved, the Payroll Department will process the on-demand payment request at the end of the work week.  The pay information will be available in Workday under “Recent Pay Slips” the day payment is made.  

  4. Please note that all on-demand payments made to employees will be direct deposited to either the employee’s personal bank account(s) or to an ADP pay card.