2607 Automobile Claim Handling Requirements for University and Penn Medicine

Document purpose

Automobile claims handling of property damage or bodily injury when operating a vehicle for University or Penn Medicine business purposes.


July, 1990


April, 2024


April, 2024

Responsible Office

Risk Management & Insurance


Risk Management & Insurance


  1. The Office of Risk Management & Insurance is responsible for adjusting automobile claims involving a University or Penn Medicine owned, leased, rented, or personal vehicle when traveling for business purposes.  This involves seeking reimbursement for damages caused from the responsible third party.

  2. Report an accident within 24 hours of the occurrence.  Failure to report the claim in a timely manner may result in a denial.

  3. Reimbursement for vehicle damage will be handled as follows:

    1. University owned or leased vehicles:

      1. The affected department is responsible for submitting the final auto body invoice to the Office of Risk Management & Insurance.  The Office of Risk Management & Insurance may at its discretion, make an independent evaluation of the damage.
      2. Departments are subject to various deductibles.  Generally, the affected University department is subject to a deductible of $5,000.00 per occurrence. 
      3. Failure to successfully complete the Driver Safety courses will result in the department bearing the full cost of the claim.
    2. Rental vehicles:
      1. If renting a vehicle for University or Penn Medicine business, the traveler is required to rent with the preferred vendor, Enterprise/National.  See travel and entertainment policy 2357 for details. 
      2. If Enterprise/National cannot accommodate the rental request, the traveler may rent from another rental agency.  The traveler must purchase the maximum coverage of insurance required by the rental agency to include the loss damage waiver (LDW/CDW), supplemental liability coverage, and personal accident insurance (PAI).  See Travel and Entertainment policy 2357 for details.
      3. For more information refer to the Penn Travel Rental Car section, https://cms.business-services.upenn.edu/penntravel/preferred-suppliers/ground-transportation/rental-car.html
    3. Use of Personal Vehicle
      1. The owner of the vehicle must carry the state mandated minimum limits.
      2. In the event of a claim, the vehicle owner’s automobile insurance policy will serve as primary insurance and the University will serve as excess insurance.