2608.2 Occupational Injury or Illness

Re-Instating an Employee Returning from Workers Compensation Leave

Document purpose

To provide for reinstatement of Faculty and Staff to active status when returning to the workplace following an absence due to a work-related injury or illness sustained in the course of employment with the University.


December, 1986


June, 2005


May, 2023

Responsible Office

Risk Management & Insurance


Risk Management & Insurance


  1. Upon returning from a Workers’ Compensation leave, the employee must present the appropriate medical evaluation form to their supervisor and/or payroll manager.

    1. In the case of an employee being permitted to return to work with restrictions, the department will make every effort to accommodate any physical limitations placed on the employee by the treating physician. 
    2. All specific questions relating to whether an employee has fulfilled the requirements to return to work should be directed to the Office of Risk Management and Insurance. 
  2. If the employee’s Workers’ Compensation leave was for more than thirteen (13) calendar days, the employee is then eligible to have any sick leave and Paid Time Off used during the initial “waiting period” reinstated. 

    1. The Departmental Payroll Administrator is responsible for contacting the Human Resource Benefits Department to arrange for proper adjustment of the employee’s paid time off accruals. 
  3. The Departmental Payroll Administrator is responsible for updating the employee’s payroll record to properly indicate that they have returned to active status.

  4. It is the employee’s responsibility to contact the Human Resource Benefits Department upon return to work to insure that benefits for which the employee may be eligible are reinstated.