It is the employee’s responsibility to contact the Human Resource Benefits Department upon return to work to insure that benefits for which the employee may be eligible are reinstated.

Hiring a Replacement for an Employee on Workers Compensation Leave

Document purpose

To provide for the transfer and replacement of faculty and Staff on long-term leave from the workplace due to a work-related injury or illness sustained in the course of employment with the University.


December, 1986


June, 2005


May, 2023

Responsible Office

Risk Management & Insurance


Risk Management & Insurance


  1. During the initial six months from the date the employee is on Workers’ Compensation leave, the University will not grant approval to hire a replacement to fill the employee’s job other than on a temporary basis. 

  2. Requests to hire a regular, on-going replacement for employees on Workers’ Compensation must be in writing and submitted to the Human Resources Manager of Recruitment and Staffing for review and approval. Documentation must include:  

    1. A cover note from the department requesting the replacement hire.  
    2. A letter of authorization from the Office of Risk Management and Insurance.
    3. An HR-1/2.  
  3. After receiving approval to fill the job on a regular basis, the Departmental Payroll Administrator is responsible for transferring the employee’s record in the payroll system to the Workers’ Compensation ORG.  

    1. In no case should the Departmental Payroll Administrator terminate the record of an employee who is on a Workers’ Compensation leave. 
    2. Any specific questions relating to this portion of the policy should be directed to the Office of Risk Management and Insurance.  
  4. Unionized University staff are excluded from this section of the policy and should refer to the terms and conditions of the appropriate collective bargaining agreement.