2703 Safeguarding University Assets

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January, 1988


May, 2018


May, 2023

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University and Health System management at all levels are responsible for safeguarding financial and physical assets and being alert to possible exposures, errors, and irregularities. Management must be aware of internal control weaknesses which can lead to or permit misuse, misappropriation, or destruction of assets. The University policy regarding the safeguarding of assets and the investigating, processing, and reporting of suspected misappropriations and similar irregularities applies to all areas of the University and Health System. These include the schools, service and resource centers, central administrative departments, auxiliary enterprises, the Clinical Practices (CPUP), the Hospital (HUP), Clinical Care Associates (CCA), and any wholly-owned subsidiaries of the University.

Refer to Human Resources Policy Number 002 – Safeguarding University Assets for the entire policy