3001 Authority to Bind the University

Document purpose

To minimize the legal and practical complications for the University resulting from individuals without proper authority proceeding on behalf of the University.


December, 1986


April, 2024

Responsible Office





  1. Only Officers of the Corporation, or those individuals possessing specific authority from the President in the form of a letter of delegation or from the Trustees in the form of a resolution may bind the University. The action taken by any officer shall be consistent with the authority of that office as set forth in the Statutes of the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania.
  2. The Statutory Officers are the President, the Provost, the Vice Presidents, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Comptroller and the General Counsel. With the consent of the President and subject to the policies of the University, Officers may appoint associates and assistants and assign them such duties as they deem appropriate.