1099 Processing

Disbursements is responsible for the issuing of 1099 Misc and 1099 NEC forms.  They are issued by January 31st each year.

1099 Manual Process for Payments Made Outside of BEN Financials for 2023

Below is the procedure for gathering 1099 information for individuals who are paid more than $600 via Petty Cash, Gift Cards, etc.

  • Collect W9’s for participants who will meet the minimum of $600 requiring a 1099
  • Store W9’s in a secure location until the end of the calendar year
  • Keep a running spreadsheet throughout the year keeping track of which participants/ individuals will meet the $600 threshold for payments.
  • Spreadsheet can be found in Ben Helps: (https://benhelps.freshservice.com/support/catalog/items/87)
  • Send spreadsheet and W9’s (only for participants who require a 1099) via Secure Share to reneenow@upenn.edu by January 5, 2024

For 1099 Inquiries:

If you are a Penn employee please log in to Ben Helps: (https://benhelps.upenn.edu/support/home) and go to Ben Helps Request Forms/1099 Inquiry/Request Form: (https://benhelps.freshservice.com/support/catalog/items/49)

If you are a Penn supplier or payee please use the Supplier Payee Submission form to submit 1099 inquiries: (https://www.finance.upenn.edu/supplier-payee-submission-form/).