Finally Close Purchase Order

When a PO is “Finally Closed”, any remaining encumbrances are released overnight and no future invoices can be matched against it.

Before a Purchase Order can be Finally Closed, it must meet the following conditions:

  • All goods/services have been delivered.
  • All invoices have been paid to the supplier (make sure to check the “View Payments” tab on the Invoice Inquiry screen).
  • All credit memos have been applied against a payment to the supplier (make sure to check the “View Payments” tab on the Invoice Inquiry screen).
  • No additional invoices or credit memos are expected.
  • There are no PO lines where the Quantity Received is in excess of the Quantity Billed.
  • There are no PO lines where at least one accounting segment is disabled. (If a fund is frozen but not disabled, that’s OK).
  • The PO must have an Approval Status of “Approved”. If the PO’s Approval Status (aka “Order Approval”) is any of the following, the PO cannot be Finally Closed:
    • In Process
    • Incomplete
    • Pre-Approved
    • Rejected
    • Requires Reapproval

To request PO’s to be finally closed, please log in to BEN Helps-  How to request a PO to be finally closed

All PO finally close requests must be submitted via the PO Finally Close Request Form/Excel template via the Ben Helps Portal: ( select Ben Helps Request Forms, then click on PO Finally Close Request Form, click on the PO Finally Close Request Form and enter the PO’s that you are requesting to be finally closed and save. Click on the “Attach a file” link and attach the file and select PLACE REQUEST.  Attach only one file. Please do not alter the form, skip lines or enter text outside of the form to ensure processing.  To improve the efficiency and timeliness of processing PO Finally closes Disbursements has implemented an automated process that will handle the processing of Finally Closes.

Quick Reference Guide can be found in Ben Helps: