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Payroll Closing Schedules
Closing Schedules

Weekly Payroll Schedule. The following schedule establishes due dates for receipt of documents by Payroll and Personnel Records and the deadlines for entering online changes for weekly paid staff for the pay periods indicated.

Penn Card Eligibility Business Rules- (Posted on behalf of the PennCard Center)

Please be advised: PennCard eligibility and Active Status are based on an employee having one or more active distribution lines in the payroll system or having a distribution line which is future dated. If an employee’s distribution line ends, his or her PennCard will be automatically inactivated by a data feed from the Payroll system. Distribution lines should be kept active and up to date for all currently employed Faculty and Staff members to ensure their PennCards remain active. A lapse in an Employee’s active distribution line which results in the PennCard being de-activated will cause the temporary loss of the ability to use the card for access to buildings and departments. The active distribution line status should be monitored carefully to avoid such issues.

Any questions regarding PennCard eligibility and active status should be directed to the Penn Card Center: or 215-898-2646.

Weekly Payroll Schedule - January through December 2014

2014 pay period Weekly pay dated Support Documents for new appts must reach HR Records by 5 PM Additional Pay Forms must be submitted by 5 PM Time reporting by 3 PM Database changes to existing records before 5 PM
23-Dec-29-Dec 03-Jan 18-Dec 27-Dec 30-Dec 30-Dec
30-Dec-05-Jan 10-Jan 03-Jan 03-Jan 07-Jan 07-Jan
06-Jan-12-Jan 17-Jan 06-Jan 10-Jan 14-Jan 14-Jan
13-Jan-19-Jan 24-Jan 13-Jan 17-Jan 21-Jan 21-Jan
20-Jan-26-Jan 31-Jan 21-Jan 24-Jan 27-Jan 27-Jan
27-Jan-02-Feb 07-Feb 27-Jan 31-Jan 03-Feb 03-Feb
03-Feb-09-Feb 14-Feb 03-Feb 07-Feb 10-Feb 10-Feb
10-Feb-16-Feb 21-Feb 10-Feb 14-Feb 17-Feb 17-Feb
17-Feb-23-Feb 28-Feb 17-Feb 21-Feb 24-Feb 24-Feb
24-Feb-02-Mar 07-Mar 24-Feb 28-Feb 03-Mar 03-Mar
03-Mar-09-Mar 14-Mar 03-Mar 07-Mar 10-Mar 10-Mar
10-Mar-16-Mar 21-Mar 10-Mar 14-Mar 17-Mar 17-Mar
17-Mar-23-Mar 28-Mar 17-Mar 21-Mar 24-Mar 24-Mar
24-Mar-30-Mar 04-Apr 24-Mar 28-Mar 31-Mar 31-Mar
31-Mar-06-Apr 11-Apr 31-Mar 04-Apr 07-Apr 07-Apr
07-Apr-13-Apr 18-Apr 07-Apr 11-Apr 14-Apr 14-Apr
14-Apr-20-Apr 25-Apr 14-Apr 18-Apr 21-Apr 21-Apr
21-Apr-27-Apr 02-May 21-Apr 25-Apr 28-Apr 28-Apr
28-Apr-04-May 09-May 28-Apr 02-May 05-May 05-May
05-May-11-May 16-May 05-May 09-May 12-May 12-May
12-May-18-May 23-May 12-May 16-May 19-May 19-May
19-May-25-May 30-May 19-May 23-May 27-May 27-May
26-May-01-Jun 06-Jun 27-May 30-May 02-Jun 02-Jun
02-Jun-08-Jun 13-Jun 02-Jun 06-Jun 09-Jun 09-Jun
09-Jun-15-Jun 20-Jun 09-Jun 13-Jun 16-Jun 16-Jun
16-Jun-22-Jun 27-Jun 16-Jun 20-Jun 23-Jun 23-Jun
23-Jun-29-Jun 03-Jul 23-Jun 27-Jun 30-Jun 30-Jun
30-Jun-06-Jul 11-Jul 30-Jun 04-Jul 07-Jul 07-Jul
07-Jul-13-Jul 18-Jul 07-Jul 11-Jul 14-Jul 14-Jul
14-Jul-20-Jul 25-Jul 14-Jul 18-Jul 21-Jul 21-Jul
21-Jul-27-Jul 01-Aug 21-Jul 25-Jul 28-Jul 28-Jul
28-Jul-03-Aug 08-Aug 28-Jul 01-Aug 04-Aug 04-Aug
04-Aug-10-Aug 15-Aug 04-Aug 08-Aug 11-Aug 11-Aug
11-Aug-17-Aug 22-Aug 11-Aug 15-Aug 18-Aug 18-Aug
18-Aug-24-Aug 29-Aug 18-Aug 22-Aug 25-Aug 25-Aug
25-Aug-31-Aug 05-Sep 25-Aug 29-Aug 02-Sep 02-Sep
01-Sep-07-Sep 12-Sep 02-Sep 05-Sep 08-Sep 08-Sep
08-Sep-14-Sep 19-Sep 08-Sep 12-Sep 15-Sep 15-Sep
15-Sep-21-Sep 26-Sep 15-Sep 19-Sep 22-Sep 22-Sep
22-Sep-28-Sep 03-Oct 22-Sep 26-Sep 29-Sep 29-Sep
29-Sep-05-Oct 10-Oct 29-Sep 03-Oct 06-Oct 06-Oct
06-Oct-12-Oct 17-Oct 06-Oct 10-Oct 13-Oct 13-Oct
13-Oct-19-Oct 24-Oct 13-Oct 17-Oct 20-Oct 20-Oct
20-Oct-26-Oct 31-Oct 20-Oct 24-Oct 27-Oct 27-Oct
27-Oct-02-Nov 07-Nov 27-Oct 31-Oct 03-Nov 03-Nov
03-Nov-09-Nov 14-Nov 03-Nov 07-Nov 10-Nov 10-Nov
10-Nov-16-Nov 21-Nov 10-Nov 14-Nov 17-Nov 17-Nov
17-Nov-23-Nov 26-Nov 14-Nov 20-Nov 21-Nov 21-Nov
24-Nov-30-Nov 05-Dec 24-Nov 28-Nov 01-Dec 01-Dec
01-Dec-07-Dec 12-Dec 01-Dec 05-Dec 08-Dec 08-Dec
08-Dec-14-Dec 19-Dec 03-Dec 09-Dec 10-Dec 10-Dec
15-Dec-21-Dec 22-Dec 05-Dec 11-Dec 12-Dec 12-Dec
22-Dec-28-Dec 02-Jan 22-Dec 26-Dec 29-Dec 29-Dec

*Note: All dates shown in BOLD reflect an off-cycle schedule change due to University scheduled holidays.


Monthly Payroll Schedule. The following schedule establishes due dates for receipt of documents by Payroll and Personnel Records and the deadlines for entering online changes for monthly paid staff for the pay periods indicated.

Monthly Payroll Schedule - January through December 2014

2014 Pay Period Monthly Pay Dated Support Documents for New Appts must reach HR Records by 5 PM Add'l Pay Forms must be submitted by 5 PM Time reporting by 4 PM Database changes to existing records before 5 PM
01-Jan-31-Jan 31-Jan 17-Jan 22-Jan 23-Jan 24-Jan
01-Feb-28-Feb 28-Feb 17-Feb 19-Feb 20-Feb 21-Feb
01-Mar-31-Mar 31-Mar 17-Mar 19-Mar 20-Mar 21-Mar
01-Apr-30-Apr 30-Apr 18-Apr 21-Apr 22-Apr 23-Apr
01-May-31-May 30-May 19-May 21-May 22-May 23-May
01-Jun-30-Jun 30-Jun 16-Jun 18-Jun 19-Jun 20-Jun
01-Jul-31-Jul 31-Jul 18-Jul 21-Jul 22-Jul 23-Jul
01-Aug-31-Aug 29-Aug 18-Aug 20-Aug 21-Aug 22-Aug
01-Sep-30-Sep 30-Sep 18-Sep 22-Sep 23-Sep 24-Sep
01-Oct-31-Oct 31-Oct 17-Oct 22-Oct 23-Oct 24-Oct
01-Nov-30-Nov 26-Nov 14-Nov 18-Nov 19-Nov 20-Nov
01-Dec-31-Dec 22-Dec 10-Dec 12-Dec 15-Dec 16-Dec


Monthly Salary Management Schedule. A new feature of the Payroll schedule includes the dates when you can run GRPA and GRPS salary management reports in order to match the month's salary actuals and encumbrances to the month's G/L reports. The GRPA and GRPS reports are the only salary management reports that contain details regarding salary encumbrances.

For anyone interested in how these dates are determined or marking their calendar in advance, the reports usually need to be run between Tuesday at 6 a.m. (prior to the last weekly check date of a month) through Monday at 3 p.m. of the following week. (The schedule in November and December will usually be an exception to this rule.)

Monthly Salary Management Schedule - January through December 2014

  From: Through:
January 22-Jan 27-Jan
February 18-Feb 24-Feb
March 18-Mar 24-Mar
April 22-Apr 28-Apr
May 20-May 26-May
June 24-Jun 23-Jun
July 22-Jul 28-Jul
August 19-Aug 25-Aug
September 23-Sep 29-Sep
October 21-Oct 27-Nov
November 18-Nov 24-Nov
December TBD TBD
  Beginning at 6 a.m. at 3 p.m.

Directions for running these reports:
From the Salary Management main menu, enter RPTS in the Tran field and press [return]. From the Standard Reports menu, enter GRPA or GRPS in the Tran field and press [return]. Leave the fiscal year to set to 2000. If you're requesting the GRPA report, CNAC must be entered, but all other fields are optional. If you leave something blank in the GRP_report parameters screen, everything to the right of it must be blank (i.e. 400 405_ _ ____ ____ ____ ____ is OK; 400 4__ _5____ ____ ____ ____ will not work). This is not the case for ACT_reports. For ACT_reports, a CNAC is required, then you can enter any other combination of segments.


Paid Time Off. Paid Time Off is credited to employees on the following dates each month.

Paid Time Off Schedule - January through December 2014

January 29-Jan
February 26-Feb
March 26-Mar
April 25-Apr
May 29-May
June 25-Jun
July 25-Jul
August 27-Aug
September 26-Sep
October 29-Oct
November 25-Nov
December 20-Dec

This means that those individuals who have accrued their 24-day limit, time should be taken and reported in Time Reporting before the date listed above if they want to take maximum advantage of their paid time off accrual. For weekly staff employees, time must be taken by the Friday prior to the date listed.



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