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Greenphire's ClinCard

The Greenphire ClinCard, a reloadable prepaid card, is available as a ‘human subjects’ payment option; a faster, safer method to pay your study participants and provides an excellent alternative to AP checks, gift cards, and petty cash. Greenphire also supplies a convenient administrative tool for loading, tracking, and reporting your studies’ payments in real-time.


Click Here to Submit your Greenphire ClinCard Request
If you cannot access the Greenphire ClinCard Request form or you receive an error message when trying to submit it, please refer to contact information below.
Operating Stats as of June 1, 2018:
Total Payments Made: $3.22 Million Number of Studies: 743
Number of Payments: 69,465 Funds Budgeted: $6.44 Million
Unique Subjects Paid: 19,201

As of February 9th, Greenphire payments have exceeded $1Million for FY18. This is the first time we’ve reached the million-dollar mark in a single fiscal year.

News Flash

Centralized Fees (posted September 16, 2016)

Beginning October 1st, Penn’s Division of Finance will absorb all Greenphire ClinCard $3 card fees and $1 load fees centrally, eliminating all program pass-through costs. Our goal is to encourage greater program participation and continued use of the Greenphire ClinCard.

Launched in July 2015, the Greenphire ClinCard has offered Penn research coordinators an excellent subject payment alternative to petty cash, AP checks and gift cards. We are excited to share that as of today we have 153 studies (budget of $1.2m) and 174 individuals utilizing the ClinCard system which translates to 7,633 payments ($0.4m) to 2,263 unique recipients. We want to thank everyone who has contributed to the program’s success: our pilot colleagues, Financial Systems, the Advisory Group, and all our first-year users.

Greenphire W-9 Database (posted April 1, 2016)

Please send all Greenphire W-9 forms to Disbursements so we can scan and log them into the Greenphire W-9 Database. The actual forms will then be destroyed. Below is a search utility that is available to anyone with a PennKey ID. You will only be able to search and confirm that a W-9 has been scanned and logged in.

Greenphire users can send past and future W-9’s to the following address and label them “Greenphire W-9’s” (IF NOT LABELED THEY WILL NOT BE SCANNED AND LOGGED)

Accounts Payable
4th Floor Franklin Building- Room 440
3451 Walnut St
Mail Code: 6281

Verify a Greenphire W-9 is on record by searching (by first name / last name / last 4 digits of their SSN) using the following link:


  • Direct on site disbursement
  • Reduced administration
  • Branding
  • Improved compliance, accounting and tax reporting
  • Enhanced processing/tracking/reporting
  • Retention
  • Messaging
  • Greenphire Benefits
  • Greenphire Controls

Bottom Line:

  • Stipend, reimbursement and manual payments are separate loads
  • C-2 Form required only once, at the time the ClinCard is distributed (and only if you are currently using C-2 forms)
    • Please add Greenphire as the source of payment.
  • Accounting entries and W-9/1099 reporting is centralized
  • Not to be used for foreign nationals (individuals must have a government-issued SSN)
  • Identify fees/method of payment early in the bidding process and in your IRB application
    • If your protocol does not yet have IRB approval, the initial submission for any study asking to use ClinCard for the compensation mechanism will need to describe this process in the compensation section of the application
    • If your protocol already has IRB approval, you will need to submit a modification for review and approval to use the ClinCard for your compensation mechanism going forward and this modification will need to update the compensation section of the application to outline the use of the ClinCard
    • Include the SOP (see link below) as a reference document


A Better Way to Pay Patients Greenphire 101
ClinCard Data Security and Privacy Statement Procedures for Greenphire
ClinCard Reference Guide - Cardholder FAQ Penn SOP Greenphire ClinCard Human Subject Payments
MasterCard Bank Face-to-Face Policy 2319: Payment of Human Subject Fees
KYC - Know Your Customer Greenphire's Penn Case Study
Greenphire ClinCard Msg Templates
ClinCard Online Demo

If you have any questions, please contact:

Sarah Boyer
Mike Popko

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