Wire Transfer

Wire Transfers

Cash Management is responsible for processing all incoming wires to the University’s general receipts account.  Outgoing wire transfers from the University’s operating account are processed by Accounts Payable.


Incoming Wires from DONORS

If a donor wishes to make payment to the University of Pennsylvania via wire transfer, please provide the following wire instructions to the individual to ensure prompt crediting of funds:

Wells Fargo Bank N.A.
420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94104

For Domestic Wires and ACH’s
ABA Routing #: 121-000-248
For International Wires Only
CHIPS: 0407

Account Name: The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania
Account# 2000030009956
Reference: Gift Processing, name of donor, any gift details

UK Foundation Wire Instructions

Hong Kong Foundation Wire Instructions


Incoming Wires from VENDORS

If a vendor wishes to make payment to the University of Pennsylvania via wire transfer, please contact Cash Management at 215-898-7256 or Cash Management for our incoming wire instructions.

Wire Reference-Instruct the sender to provide a reference including a University org number. Reference should clearly identify the purpose of the payment to permit our office to identify the wire and to apply proper credit to your department. If we cannot apply the credit, the funds will be deposited into a University suspense account until you contact Cash Management (215.898.7256) with the required information.

Incoming wires from STUDENTS

If a student wishes to make payment to the University of Pennsylvania via wire transfer, please use the following link to ensure all information needed by Student Registration and Financial Services is included with the wire payment - Bank Wire Transfers


Confirmation of Incoming Wires

Once the funds are received and identified, our office will contact you by telephone or email. You will need to provide an internal 26-digit account number so that our office can record the entry in the G/L. If you are expecting an incoming wire, please email Cash Management with the amount of the wire, the sender, the expected date and a 26-digit account number. Our office will respond via email when the amount has been journaled into your account.



Some banks will deduct a fee from the funds being wired, therefore, the actual funds received may be less than the full expected amount. It is important that you have the remitter (sender) check with their bank on their procedures and fee structure. The remitter should include the amount of the wire fee in the amount being wired. For your information, Wells Fargo Bank charges the University a fee for all incoming wires, however, this fee is not charged back to your department.


Outgoing Domestic/International Wires

Accounts Payable initiates all outgoing wire transfers to vendors from the University's operating account. We have established a $100,000.00 minimum to initiate outgoing wire transfers. We will process a domestic or international wire transfer for payment of less than $100,000.00 only if the vendor's invoice indicates that payment via check and/or international draft is not acceptable.

Click the list of countries and currencies eligible to receive payment via wire transfer. Please refer to this list for additional requirements applicable to specific countries/currencies and include all necessary information on the PDA-FC form to avoid delay in payment.

The University can initiate wire transfers in most countries, however, the US Government prohibits transactions with certain countries. Please contact the Treasurer's Office for questions regarding wire processing at 215-898-7256 or Cash Management.


Wire Payment to a Vendor

Wire/ACH to be paid in US Dollars can be initiated via the Penn Marketplace using the Non-PO Payment Request.

  • Foreign wires require additional approvals from the tax office.

For Wires that need to be paid in Foreign Currency, please use the new PDA-FC Form. Forward the completed form along with the invoice to Accounts Payable, 3451 Walnut Street, Room 440 Franklin Building.  Please provide 48 hours notice prior to a wire being processed.  

The following information must be included on the disbursement form for foreign currency wires in order to avoid delays:

Name of Bank
Address of Bank (including city, country, etc.)
Name of Beneficiary
Address of Beneficiary (including city, country, etc.)
Account Number/IBAN
SWIFT number for international wires
Wire Reference with specific reason for payment (invoice specifying purpose, etc)
Invoice from beneficiary confirming payment instructions or letter signed by the beneficiary confirming payment instructions


Please note some important reminders:

  • The invoice number needs to be a unique invoice number.
  • Please ensure that all banking information on the invoice matches what is on the PDA-FC form.


Confirmation of Outgoing Wires

After an outgoing wire transfer has been initiated, Accounts Payable will record the entry in Ben Financials. The charge to your account will confirm that the wire transfer has been processed.