Business Enterprise Network

Business Enterprise Network

BEN Financials: Core financial system providing purchasing (BEN Buys), payables (BEN Pays), assets (BEN Assets) and general ledger (BEN Balances) functions.


BEN Deposits: System for submitting deposits electronically to the Cashier's Office, and tracking deposit information.


The Business Enterprise Network, or BEN, is the suite of web-based applications that support University-wide financial functions. BEN Reports, the first application developed under the BEN umbrella, was released late in 2000, followed by BEN Financials and BEN Deposits in 2002. BEN Reports was retired in 2016. Additional applications will be developed as needed. The suite of BEN applications, together with a salary management application and a data warehouse, provide a flexible infrastructure to facilitate access to management information and deal with changing business rules and processes.

As well as providing financial staff with improved, web-based tools, BEN applications are being designed to extend access to the broader community, including faculty, researchers, and other staff. Using BEN Reports, researchers, for example, can instantly check the status of their grant budgets or research protocols, and department chairs can check departmental budget balances and expenditure details. Using the requisitioning component of BEN Financials, authorized staff and faculty can select products and services online, in the Penn Marketplace, rather than searching through paper catalogs.

To obtain access to BEN applications, please consult your departmental Business Administrator or the senior business officer in your School or Center. You will need to submit an eForm (BEN Financials) or signed authorization form (BEN Deposits) and attend any required training.