2309 Receiving & Inspecting Purchased Goods

Document purpose

To ensure the proper receipt and inspection of purchased goods.


December, 1986


December, 2015


June, 2023

Responsible Office

Procurement Services


Procurement Services


  1. Ordering departments are responsible for verifying that purchased goods or services are received in proper condition and are in accordance with the terms of the official University purchase order.  

  2. Any damage to the shipping container noticed at the time of delivery is to be noted on the bill of lading, packing slip, and presented to the carrier making the delivery.  

  3. Purchased goods identified as being damaged should not be put into use.  

  4. The ordering department, or its designated receiving agent, is responsible for:  

    1. Notifying the supplier and the appropriate Procurement Services Sourcing Manager immediately upon the discovery of damaged goods; and,  
    2. Notifying Accounts Payable in any instance where the goods or services are discovered to be in less than satisfactory condition. Any decision to withhold payment will be made in accordance with the terms of the purchase order and applicable law, and in consultation with the Office of the General Counsel, as appropriate.  
  5. When damage to goods is discovered after the goods have been put into use, the department is responsible for immediately notifying the supplier of the damage. Further use should be halted until the issues regarding the damage are resolved.  

  6. Procurement Services, as the contracting agent of the University, in consultation with the Office of the General Counsel as appropriate, will provide assistance in negotiating the settlement of invoices when goods received are determined to be in less than satisfactory condition.  

  7. Whenever legal questions arise regarding the receipt, inspection, rejection or use of purchased goods, the University’s position and actions will be determined with reference to the relevant contract(s) and applicable law. Procurement Services will consult with the Office of the General Counsel as appropriate.  

  8. Departments must record, in the University purchasing system, their receipt of goods and/or services for all purchase orders valued at $10,000 or greater. In addition, departments must record the receipt of goods and services regardless of the purchase value if “Receipt Required” is activated.