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Office of the Comptroller

[ Disbursements - Accounts Payable ]

Accounts Payable
4th Floor Franklin Building- Room 440
3451 Walnut St
Office hours- 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.
Phone: (215) 898-2626
Email: for inquiries only (Do not email invoices)

Accounts Payable is responsible for processing invoices and issuing payments for Companies, Individuals, and Foreign Drafts. This includes payments to Foreign Nationals, students, faculty, staff, human subject payments and independent contractors. Accounts Payable is also responsible for the Voiding and Reissuing of Payments made by the University. Payments are made against approved and reserved purchase orders or via one of several forms, including the Procurement/Disbursement Authorization Form (PDA) and the Request for Petty Cash Reimbursement. PDA Forms are used for payments when a PO cannot be issued. PDA for payments to companies as well as all foreign draft requests are sent to Accounts Payable via Intramural mail.

Please refer to our Document/Forms Library for Procurement/Payment transactions. The BEN Financials Commodity Matrix can also assist you in determining the appropriate method for procurement and payment of products and services.

Fiscal Year 2017 Accounts Payable Year-End Processing Cut-off dates:

Wednesday, June 14, 5PM*


Final day to request Final Closing of Purchase Orders in FY 2017

Wednesday, June 14, 5PM*


PDA-Forms to be processed in FY 2017

Wednesday, June 21, 5PM*


Purchase order invoices to be processed in FY 2017

Wednesday, June 21, 5PM*


Requests to correct and reverse receipts for FY 2017

Friday, June 23, 5PM*


Will Call Requests to be processed in FY 2017

* The dates listed above are the year-end processing cut-off dates for the AP Office. In order to ensure that your requests are processed before the end of the Fiscal year we are requesting you submit all forms by the dates listed. Requests submitted after these dates may still be processed before the end of the fiscal year however due to the increased volume of requests we receive during this time we cannot guarantee they will be processed.

What’s New in AP

Independent Contractor Policy and Process Change

On January 1, 2017 the University implemented policy changes and a new process to properly classify and pay Individual Service Providers (ISP) including Independent Contractors. A new web page was set up, training is ongoing and communications have been sent out (see below).

In January Disbursements started monitoring PDA Forms for ISP activity.

January 2017

  • All new ISP’s must follow the new process and be set up using a Service Provider Questionnaire (SPQ)/PO.
  • A new ISP should be set up by Purchasing and a PO should be in place prior to any services rendered.
  • Any PDA Forms for new ISP’s will be rejected.
  • PDA Forms will be processed for limited engagement ISP’s for the following service types only:
    Academic guest speaker, artist, presenter or special lecturer or distinguished guest speakers at University functions. The limited engagement authorization must be sent to for Purchasing review and signature. Independent Contractors that are being set up as a Limited Engagement supplier will be set up as “one-time only payment” and they will be deactivated after they are paid.

July 2017

  • All new and existing ISP’s must follow the new process and be set up using a SPQ/PO
  • Any PDA Forms for ISP’s (with the exception of limited engagement ISP’s) will be rejected
  • Should you have any questions please contact the Worker Classification Help Desk at:

To register for an upcoming instructor-led class, go to

ACH/Wire Processing in AP

On November 1st, the Disbursements group started processing all PDA-W (Wire/ACH) forms. Please have these forms hand-delivered to the Wire/ACH inbox located in the Accounts Payable office on the 4th floor of the Franklin Building, Suite 440. If you have a wire that needs be done the same day please deliver to AP by 10:30 a.m.  This first phase of the Wire/ACH process in AP is a “lift and shift” of the current Treasury process.  Please stay tuned for updates on our second phase (process review and future integration with BEN AP).

Please note some important reminders:

  • All PDA-W forms need to have all fields filled in.  In addition, the invoice number needs to be a unique invoice number (please do not use the same invoice number as previously submitted for the specific vendor).
  • Please ensure that all banking information on the invoice matches what is on the PDA form.
  • Foreign wires may not be processed same day due to additional approvals needed from the tax office.
  • There is a $100,000.00 minimum to initiate outgoing wire transfers. We will process a domestic or international wire transfer for payment of less than $100,000.00 only if the vendor's invoice indicates that payment via check and/or international draft is not acceptable.
  • If you would like the wire fees charged to a different account other than where the wire was processed to, please include a note that states which account string to use.

The updated PDA-W form is located on our website under Document/Forms:

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