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Comptroller's Office
University of Pennsylvania
Suite 312 Franklin Building
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Philadelphia, PA 19104
215.898.7593 (Phone)
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[ Disbursements - Accounts Payable ]

Accounts Payable
4th Floor Franklin Building- Room 440
3451 Walnut St
Office hours- 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.
Phone: (215) 898-2626
Email: DoFAPSupp@pobox.upenn.edu for inquiries only (Do not email invoices)

Accounts Payable is responsible for processing invoices and issuing payments for Companies and Individuals. This includes payments to Foreign Nationals, students, faculty, staff, and independent contractors. Accounts Payable is also responsible for the Voiding and Reissuing of Payments made by the University. Payments are made against approved purchase orders (PO’s) and using the Penn Marketplace (PME) electronic SP/Non-PO Payment Request forms. The Non-PO Payment Request form is used for payments when a PO cannot be issued.

Accounts Payable 2018 Year-End Processing Cut-Off Dates

Wednesday, June 13, 5PM*


Final day to request Final Closing of Purchase Orders in FY 2018

Wednesday, June 20, 5PM*


Purchase order invoices to be processed in FY 2017

Wednesday, June 21, 5PM*


Requests to correct and reverse receipts for FY 2017

* The dates listed above are the year-end processing cut-off dates for the AP Office. In order to ensure that your requests are processed before the end of the Fiscal year we are requesting you submit all forms by the dates listed. Requests submitted after these dates may still be processed before the end of the fiscal year however due to the increased volume of requests we receive during this time we cannot guarantee they will be processed.

What's New in AP

Penn Marketplace Enhancement

On April 16, 2018, Penn launched the Penn Marketplace Enhancements and Supplier Portal.

Supplier Onboarding

supplier onboarding process graphic
  • All new suppliers must be onboarded and registered in Penn Marketplace before creating a PO or Non-PO Payment Request.
  • Penn users request to onboard new suppliers by completing a New Supplier Request Form in Penn Marketplace.
  • Suppliers register in portal; securely upload personal info and tax documents; option to select electronic payment
  • method.

Non-PO Payment Requests

Non-PO payment request process graphic
  • Non-PO Payment Requests (formerly PDAs) will be created and approved on the Penn Marketplace
  • Non-PO Payment Requests will be created by designated Preparers at Schools/Centers and approved through a defined hierarchy
  • All Preparers and Approvers must complete web-based training in Knowledge Link to access the form
    • New and changes (BEN e-form)
  • Non-PO Approval Hierarchy
    • Preparer submits request
    • Level 1 Approver: up to $5,000
    • Level 2 Approver: up to $50,000
    • Level 3 Approver: up to $250,000
Chart of Non-PO transactions

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