2408 Time Reporting

Document purpose

To establish policy governing time reporting for weekly-paid staff who follow positive pay reporting. Positive pay reporting is accurately entering/recording all hours worked, compensatory time and time away from work, including but not limited to paid time off (PTO), sick, holiday, bereavement, jury duty and military leave with pay.


July, 2019


April, 2020

Responsible Office

Human Resources




  1. Managers/timekeepers are responsible for ensuring employees have entered and submitted their hours worked into Workday within the time period required for approval, reviewing hours worked for accuracy and approving staff members’ time in Workday prior to the Payroll Department’s scheduled due date.  See the current payroll schedule here https://www.finance.upenn.edu/disbursements-payroll/payroll-closing-schedules 

  2. Managers/timekeepers are responsible that staff members are paid for all time worked and for submitting corrections for any errors or omissions before payment, or after payment if necessary. 

  3. Each department or reporting unit should have at least two individuals who have been trained to enter time into Workday, or have in place other appropriate backup procedures in order to ensure that time reporting is completed and submitted in Workday on a timely basis.