2411 Notification of Employee Termination

Document purpose

To establish policy regarding the timely processing of an employee’s termination (voluntarily or involuntary) from the University. NOTE: Specific action in Workday is required for affecting an employee’s termination. Updating an employee’s job end date in Workday does not constitute an appropriate termination.


July, 2019


May 2023

Responsible Office

Human Resources


Human Resources


  1. It is the responsibility of the home department to enter into Workday the termination of a staff member (along with entering the proper reason for termination), as soon as possible. 

  2. If termination is entered into Workday after the payroll cutoff date which would result in the employee’s being overpaid, the department must immediately notify the Payroll Department, in writing, of the termination in order to make any necessary adjustments. 

  3. It is also the responsibility of the home department to collect the terminating staff member’s University identification card, keys, library books and any other University property, as well as take reasonable steps to inventory and remove (or request removal of) the terminated staff member’s access privileges to University, departmental, School, and other information systems containing personal or proprietary data.