2418 Additional Compensation

Document purpose

To establish policy for the payment of additional pay (other than job-related overtime for collective bargaining unit employees and staff members on Hourly Compensation Plans) to employees on Hourly and Salary Compensation Plans who are completing work that is outside the scope of their primary job profile and they would not normally be expected to undertake those responsibilities. 


July, 2019


May 2023

Responsible Office

Human Resources


Human Resources


  1. Staff members in non-exempt positions must be paid for their services in accordance with the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  https://www.hr.upenn.edu/policies-and-procedures/policy-manual/compensation/overtime-compensation-and-or-compensatory-time

  2. Additional pay requires consultation with, and approval by, Human Resources before work begins and before any additional pay amount is communicated to a staff member.

  3. A staff member may be eligible to receive additional pay if:

    • They are temporarily performing/has temporarily assumed major responsibility for the duties of a vacant position in a grade profile that is higher than that of their current position. Such assumed responsibility is usually in addition to their primary job responsibilities.
    • They are completing work that is outside the scope of their primary job profile, work is not performed on a continuing basis or during their regular work schedule; and, typically, is not for the staff member’s supervisor.
  4. All requests for additional pay will be processed through Workday. 

  5. Justification for the additional pay and an explanation of the additional services provided must be attached to the request in Workday. 

  6. Requests for additional pay must be approved by all assigned security roles (e.g., HR Analyst, HR Partner, Compensation Partner, Budget Partner) in the approval hierarchy in Workday.   

    • Faculty additional pay must be approved by the Provost’s Office. 
    • Additional pay charged against sponsored programs must be approved by the Office of Research Services. 
  7. All requests should be approved in a timely manner so that the Payroll Office can process them for payment in the current pay period. See the current payroll schedule here https://www.finance.upenn.edu/disbursements-payroll/payroll-closing-schedules.

  8. Once requests are approved and submitted to Payroll via Workday, payment for approved additional pay will be made by the Payroll Department in the next available pay cycle.

  9. Because these payments represent pay outside the normal salary, they do not qualify for on-demand payments.