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Information Technology and Support

[ Policy & Procedures ]

Table of Contents
Remote Access :|: Media Files :|: Password Policy :|: New/Temporary Employee Accounts :|: Employee Departures
Replacing Existing Computers :|: Purchasing New Computers :|: Web Development Service


Secure PC Recycling & Data Deletion

Division of Finance department PC’s are purchased on regular basis based on form factor. Laptops are purchased very 3 years and desktops are purchased every 4 years with assoicated warranties. We purchased warranties from Dell according the length of their useful life per form factor. Once the warranties run out, we purchase replacement units (typically from Dell).

During PC replacement, we keep the retired desktop/laptop unit in storage for at least 3 months in case there is any data to recover. After this timeframe, we remove the hard drive and schedule the PC chassis and peripherals recycled by one of the university preferred vendors. The hard drive (spindle or SSD) is scheduled to be destroyed by ISC Client Care (via Remedy ticket) by a degausser and hard drive “crusher” to securely dispose of it. This will ensure this data can no longer be recovered.

Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to the IT Director via Footprints ticket (


Remote Access Policy

UPDATE: In light of numerous attempted attacks on our Remote Access server this past year, we need to implement additional policies to secure our network. One of those changes is to disable inactive remote access accounts. Effective Wednesday, 9/13/17, network ID’s remote access rights (i.e. VPN) that have not been used for 6 months will be disabled. If you find your remote access has been disabled and you want to start using it again, please submit a ticket to Footprints Service Ticket system to re-enable remote access rights.

Capabilities are available to access the files stored on your network drives (G:, H:, U:, etc.) through a remote secure connection. If you require access to network drives, please submit an ITS Help Desk ticket (Please place you request through the ITS Help Desk here) and confirm your shared network drive letters in the ticket. Please note that VPN connection is NOT needed for the following UPenn systems: Penn O365 Mail Service, BEN Financials, PTO System, Business Objects, HR applications, etc. These systems are web based so they do not require remote access to Finance servers or domain.

Remote users should be advised that connection times are now limited. If there is no connection activity for 1 hour (no file modifications on network drives, or leaving computer unattended for 1 hour, etc.), you will be automatically disconnected by the Remote Access System. Also, if you are connected longer than 9 hours consecutively, you will be automatically disconnected. Please keep these policies in mind when using VPN to remote access the Finance network drives.

NOTE: Remote access to the Division of Finance network requires one of the following operating systems: Windows 7 Professional or higher. Home Edition Operating Systems will not be able to connect to Division of Finance network via remote access.

Please see the Department Service Level Agreement for ITS policy on home computer support.


Media Files Policy

Effectively March 15, 2011, all media related files that are considered non-business related are prohibited from the Finance Production servers (including all network drive letters). To retain and track business media related files, G:\multimedia folders have been created in each G:\ shared folder for each department and/or group. A department representative has been selected to search each department shared folder so we know that each shared folder is reviewed thoroughly for all types of media files.

To assist you in searching for media files, we created 2 batch files in each G:\multimedia folder. Each one will produce a results file from searching your G:\ drive or your U: drive. Each results file will be in plain text format on your U:\ drive for your review. Each batch command file will name the results file differently so there should be no confusion.


Password Policy for all Division of Finance Servers

The Division of Finance at The University of Pennsylvania maintains a network of servers which contain information which is of a confidential nature and vital to the business continuity of The University of Pennsylvania. Everyone with access to this network and all associated servers must be aware of this policy and help do their part in keeping the environment as secure as possible.

The Information Technology and Support department (ITS) assigns a unique id and password for each user. This id is to be used ONLY by the person to whom it was assigned. Sharing user ids is strictly prohibited.

Upon creation of a new user id, a temporary password is assigned. The user is given their id and password on a sealed form and asked to change it immediately. The user must change the password during their first login. After the password is changed the user should make every effort to keep the password secret. The password should not be told to anyone. The password should never be written down. The ITS department is not able to see the password once it has been changed. If the password is lost the ITS department can set a new one. Each time a new password is set, the user must change the password at their next logon.

There are certain restrictions on which passwords can be used. The purpose of these restrictions is to make it harder for a would be intruder to guess a user’s password.

  • A password must be a minimum of eight (8) characters.

  • A password must contain three (3) of the following:

    • A capital letter (A,B,C…)

    • A small letter (a,b,c…)

    • A number (0,1,2,3…)

    • A symbol (!,#,$...)

  • A user’s id may not be part of the password (i.e. user smith may not make his password dsmith2).

  • A history of the last six (6) previously used passwords is kept. You may not reuse one of your last six (6) passwords

  • Once a password is changed, it may not be changed for another three (3) days.

  • A user will be notified to change their password at least every forty-two (42) days.

  • Security best practices state you should not use the same password for all of your system accounts. In addition, you should keep your business account passwords separate from your personal account passwords. Here are some UPenn web sites for creating and managing strong passwords. To further assist you in creating secure passwords, here the Top 10 Security Tips from ISC Security.

  • Sharing your password with another person is a violation of University policy

These policies are in place to maintain security without over burdening the users of our servers. It is the responsibility of each and every member of the ITS department to uphold these policies and take appropriate action whenever necessary to maintain the integrity and security of the Division of Finance servers.


New/Temporary Employee Accounts
Please place your service request through the ITS Help Desk Footprints Icon

The ITS Department would like to make the transition for new employees as easy as possible.  In order to do so, ITS requires TWO business days notice to create new accounts.


Employee Departures
Please place your service request through the ITS Help Desk Footprints Icon

In order to provide a secure environment for our network and financial files and accounts, the ITS Department needs ample time to set expiration dates on accounts and network access. Please notify the ITS Department of all departures a minimum of TWO WEEKS before the employee's last day.


Replacing Existing Computers
Please place your service request through the ITS Help Desk Footprints Icon

The ITS Department performs yearly reviews of all existing PC's. It is at this time that individual PC's are evaluated for replacement or upgrade. If you have a request for a PC to be evaluated, please fill out a request form. We will make sure it is promptly reviewed.


Purchasing New Computers
Please place your service request through the ITS Help Desk Footprints Icon

The ITS Department is responsible for recommending the configuration and purchase of new computers.  New computers are purchased for newly created positions (not replacement positions). Please allow two to four weeks for delivery.


Web Development Service
Please place your service request through the ITS Help Desk FootprintsIcon

ITS Staff can assist in developing and maintaining your department's web site.

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