BEN Deposits

Logon to BEN Deposits

BEN Deposits, a web-based deposit system, allows authorized individuals to submit and track deposit information electronically. The system provides more efficient processing of University deposits and allows the Cashier's Office to keep pace with the University's changing technology requirements.

BEN Deposits provides the following functionality:

  1. Add Deposit Function - allows you to create an on-line deposit
  2. Find Deposit Function - allows you to locate a deposit in one of four ways
  3. My Profile Function - allows you to create and update pre-defined deposit template lines to simplify making deposits and allows you to set-up an alternate contact to receive deposit receipts and/or deposit adjustment receipts

Individuals requiring access to the BEN Deposits application must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. You must have a PennKey and password. If you do not remember your ID and/or password visit for further instructions.
  2. Your contact information must be current in the University's on-line directory at:
  3. You must submit a completed BEN Deposits Access Form.
  4. You must pass the prerequisite knowledge building course and successfully complete system training. The Financial Training Department will provide additional training details to those individuals that submit an access form.

For more information, contact the Cashier's Office at 215.898.7258 or via email