Title File Type Comment Department(s)
1099 Worksheet for Non-BEN payments greater than $600 MS EXCEL comptroller, Disbursements-Accounts-Payable
C-2 Human Subject Voucher PDF comptroller, Disbursements-Accounts-Payable
Certificate of Foreign Source Income Form PDF

Certificate of Foreign Source Income Form (CFSI) - Fillable PDF Form provided by Tax & International Operations.

tio, comptroller, disbursements-accounts-payable
Foreign Wire Authorization Form - Proxy Only MS EXCEL

Foreign Wire Authorization Form -  Foreign Vendor Proxy

comptroller, Disbursements-Accounts-Payable
Guest Travel Reimbursement (GTR) Worksheet MS -EXCEL 97-2003

Used with PDA-NA or PDA-F Forms

comptroller, Disbursements-Accounts-Payable
Honoraria Eligibility Certification Form PDF

Foreign Visitors Honoraria Eligibility Certification Form

comptroller, Disbursements-Accounts-Payable
PA REV-1832 PDF Disbursements-Accounts-Payable, tio
PO-Finally-Close-Request-Form MS -EXCEL 97-2003 disbursements-accounts-payable
PO-Receipt-Correction-Form MS -EXCEL 97-2003 disbursements-accounts-payable
Request for Reimbursement of Petty Cash Fund MS EXCEL

Form C368_PC - Excel worksheet for reimbursement for petty cash

comptroller, cashier, disbursements-accounts-payable