Cash & Debt Management is continuing to provide services to the University community remotely. All incoming electronic transactions will be processed as normal. Cash and checks deposited via BEN Deposits will be picked up from the Cash Management drop box in the Franklin Building lobby and processed on Wednesdays. Please contact us via email or phone.

Cash & Debt Management

The Office of the Treasurer is comprised of the departments of Cash Management which includes the Cashier's Office, Debt & Liquidity Management and Investment Services which includes Gift Accounting. Our mission is to provide competitive returns while applying appropriate fiduciary standards in managing the University's cash, trust and gift assets. We also strive to minimize the University's cost of borrowing and to maintain a prudent liability structure. A critical unit within the University's Division of Finance, the Office of the Treasurer seeks to provide financial stewardship, leadership and innovation in support of the University's strategic vision as outlined in the Penn Compact. This site has been created to provide useful information regarding the Office of the Treasurer and to help you determine where to get assistance within the office. We invite you to explore the web site to learn more about the Office of the Treasurer.