Workday Return to Campus and Guide to Changes to Work Location
As the University transitions back to on-campus work, HR analysts should follow the steps outlined in the new Workday Return to Campus and Guide to Changes to Work Location to update individuals’ work addresses. The guide also provides instructions for individuals to update their tax forms to ensure the proper taxes are withheld from their pay.
Employee Payroll Tax Deferral
Information on the deferral of employee Social Security taxes provided for in President Trump's Executive Order can be found on the Workday website.

Corporate Tax, Compliance & Payroll

The Corporate Tax, Compliance & Payroll team is responsible for ensuring compliance with Federal, State, and Local taxes including payroll tax and those applicable to Non-Resident Aliens. The group also has oversight responsibility for ensuring the University’s global activities are in compliance with domestic and foreign tax, accounting and financial reporting requirements. Corporate Tax, Compliance & Payroll is also responsible for unclaimed property reporting.

General Tax Support : Employee Solutions Center or 215-898-7372.

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