Financial Training Department Policies


Financial Training is provided to faculty and staff members to assist in their business functions at the University of Pennsylvania. Courses are designed to provide the minimum time required to ensure end users become fully comfortable and successful with the use of various systems and applications.


You must attend all scheduled classroom times for each financial training course for which you are registered in order to receive access or credit for attending. If you are unable to attend any portion of the training program for which you are scheduled, please select another time that would be more convenient to your schedule.

Access Forms

Access forms, which includes Penn eForms, are required for entry to most University financial systems. These forms should be processed promptly to ensure system access following training. If a form has not been processed within 60 days of completing a training course, you will be required to repeat the course to obtain access.


If you are not present for the first day of training, and have not cancelled in advance, your department will be charged a no-show fee according to the following schedule:

BEN Assets
BEN Balances - Budget Journal
BEN Balances - Freeze Grant
BEN Balances - Inquiry/Reporting
BEN Balances - Manual Journal
BEN Buys - PO Manager
BEN Buys - Requisition Only
Using COA within RCM
Individual Service Provider

If after confirming your attendance, you are subsequently unable to attend this training, you must notify Financial Training no later than two business days prior to the training date. Cancellations after this time will be subject to the "no-show" fee if the training slot cannot be filled by an individual on the wait list.

Homework, Workshops and Evaluation

Depending on the training course you have selected, you may be assigned homework assignments before, during and outside of the training classes. In addition, workshops may be required during the class, as well as at the end of a particular class. Each student will be evaluated on the successful completion of all facets of their training involvement to ensure comfort with the financial systems. Access to the financial system will be granted upon successful completion of all assignments. You will be notified individually if you should be required to attend another training class to become more proficient.


Our classes move at a quick pace to minimize your time away from the office, and to ensure we cover all the essential information needed for your business activities. Students who arrive late may miss key concepts they will need later in class as well as disrupt the learning of others. After a 15-minute "grace period" from the start of class, you will not be admitted to attend, and will be charged the applicable no-show fee for the class. You will be asked by the instructor or another member of our staff to register for another class offering.

Food & Drink

Vending machines or access to food and drink are available near most of our training sites. Absolutely no food or drink is permitted in our computer training sites (e.g., 409 Franklin Building)

Locaton of Training

The location of our training classes is listed in each course confirmation. Please be sure to print the e-mail confirmation to ensure you arrive at the appropriate location.


Financial training courses may have pre-requisites such as a web-expedition, log-on access form(s) and/or on-line Knowledge Building as part of the course requirements. Please be sure to review the complete course descriptions found on the Financial Training Department's website.